Frequently Asked Questions
1. What do you mean by “alternative strategies”?
  • I mean strategies that are not based on conventional help from doctors and clinics. These strategies are all science based, but exist outside the “tunnel vision” of the establishment.
  • Ex. Psychiatrists prescribes powerful drugs to change the balance of chemicals in the brain. Alternative strategies asks why is the brain out of balance, and what can the body do to restore balance itself.
  • Ex. Doctors-“Your son has a drug problem Mrs. Jones”. Alternative strategies says “Your son does not have a cocaine problem Mrs. Jones, he has a psychological problem and cocaine is the result. You have huge influence over his psychology, therefore you need to learn as much as he does. The parent is the key.

1. Do you have anything positive to say about the medical community?
Yes I do. However when the medical community acts with a collective conscious and produces therapy from a text book the competence level is often low.
Even in the medical community there are doctors and psychiatrists that discover amazingly effective treatments that the mainstream doctors are extremely slow to recognize and even resist. That treatment in my mind is also an alternative health strategy.

1. Do you have any formal education from university or college in counselling?
No. I am extremely well read though. I self studied and learned hands-on by using and selling many drugs to thousands of people. I experienced my own recovery from schizophrenia and obsessive compulsive disorder and have studied many other people’s recoveries as well. I have participated in dozens of recoveries and have since then facilitated just as many. These recoveries were focused on “alternative strategies” and “clinical methods”.

1. Is your schizophrenia gone? Doctors say it can’t be cured.
No it is not. I feel it every day and I have to manage it every day. However, I can function at a level that provides me with everything I ever wanted in life and the ability to enjoy it so what’s the problem? I have little or no concern for labels and are not bothered by them.

1. Why are you so hard on doctors and the medical establishment?
They only look at one part of a problem, not the whole picture. Many people’s lives have suffered because the professional they trusted the most to give them answers only gave them part of the solution, and failed to inform them of the rest. Quite frankly, given what they charge people I find it disappointing they are not educated in giving a comprehensive solution for their patients.

1. Do you think medication is unnecessary?
Not at all. Medication is an important tool. It can be used at first, but should be replaced with alternative strategies as much as possible. This way as little medication as possible is used. Medication can be incredibly destructive over time. I have myself been willing to use medication for a situation when I needed to because it is still a valuable tool.

1. How is your “Parenting Plan that Works” different from all the other programs on the internet that say they have the solution for parents?
  • For one, there is no such thing as a different program on the internet for parenting (in my mind). Parenting is a game of psychology, it is an act of affecting someone else’s behavior. The psychological principles humans operate by have been the same since the beginning of time. Since the beginning of time there has been incredible accomplishment in affecting other people’s behaviour. There is no opinion of what works, history is a testimony to that. Any program you come across either makes good use of these principles or it makes partial use of them. The principles do not really change. So all the programs that are out there are essentially similar with varying degrees of truth in them.
    • My program is extremely clever when it comes to encompassing the “big picture” of the entire scope of parenting and troubled behaviour. My program also makes thorough use of my unmatched firsthand experience in addiction, mental health, and troubled behaviour in young adults. Any area of expertise that I have not been thoroughly trained in I make a referral to a competent and effective service or program that can meet that particular need. Therefore my service incorporates everything that a parent can possibly need to understand and make use of.
    • I do not know of any other service that provides that, nor does any other service give the parent the understanding of the biggest picture possible in their situation.

1. I am reluctant to spend too much money learning about this stuff, isn’t there a way to get the government or my health insurance to pay for what my child needs? After all, isn’t my child the one that needs to learn something?
  • For one, your child needs you. You gave birth to him/her, now take responsibility for it.
  • For two, if you are asking this question you have no idea how much money a troubled child can cost you. This is akin to avoiding the expense of an oil change in your car to save money, and then having to replace your engine later at an alarming cost.

1. My husband will not attend any parenting coaching with me. Can this still work for me?
Yes but you will also end up using my strategies for “enhancing someone’s performance” on your husband as well. It will not be possible for you to cause dramatic increase in performance of your child without the rest of your family unit enhancing at the same time. By implementing these strategies your entire family life and home will never be the same, it will improve, and parents often wished they had done this sort of thing much sooner. Men have also typically seen their wife change her ability to handle the situation for the better, and make more powerful decisions. Once this happens, the men perceive their wife with a new type of respect and then get curious about “where she learned that” and then be a much more willing partner in receiving parenting coaching.

1. I am a single parent, and my ex will never co-operate with me on this. Will it still work?
It is not ideal, but by making your relationship with your child much more firm and powerful the child will then see a difference between you and their other parent and eventually gain more respect and trust for you. This can drive the child closer to you thus giving you a unique type of influence in the long run