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How to book Tom

Tom would prefer you review his information on the presentations he offers before you contact him.  You can learn about them here:

1.     Parent Presentations  (click here)

2.     School Presentations    (click here)

3.     Family Service Agencies    (click here)

It is also helpful that you review his biography if you do not already know his story.  This will assist you in being more clear as to what kind of person you will be talking to on the phone.

·       Learn about his story here   (click here)

There are two reasons to call Tom when booking him as your speaker.

  1. See if his presentations are a good fit for your audience.
  2. Schedule him for your audience.

In both circumstances Tom wants to speak to you directly instead of having an assistant try to meet your needs.

The reason for this is because as a meeting and conference planner you are in a critical position that requires your audience to be “very impressed”.  You cannot afford to have an unsuccessful event and Tom would like to make sure his presentations and style of speaking will work %100 for you.

Tom has not had an unsuccessful speech yet and he is as motivated as you are to keep that track record.

The absolute best method of contact is email:


The next best method is text message:   1-403-391-4184

Tom cannot answer the phone when it rings due to his responsibilities.  So planning out a phone call through email or text message is essential.

International customers please just call directly and leave a message.  Tom can return your call on his unlimited international phone plan.


Tom’s schedule is not fully revealed on this website.  It is best to contact him to find out his availability.

“Tom’s speaking was well and very personally inspiring. The talks were refreshingly different from others I had been to before. I would highly recommend them to any teens or adults working with young people”.

- Rick Price

Photographer, Red Deer, AB