Strategy Session

Why a strategy session

Strategy sessions are designed to meet agenciesexactly where they are at. Most agencies have a specific service and objectives in mind that help them achieve their prime directive. It is necessary to talk about those objectives and what resources (human and material) are specifically available to achieve the agency’s goals. The agency is usually the organization most familiar their community and its particular culture and personality. Therefore it is imperative Tom discusses these unique traits with the director to make sure the information being taught and follow up procedures being given actually make a difference. Tom will not participate in something that is not designed to have a follow up and produce a measurable result.

  • Strategy sessions are easily accomplished by phone thus making location of the agency a non relevant concern. This allows for even more convenient scheduling as travel is not needed. All resources for this are electronic and can be transferred online.

Executive director session (click here)

A strategy session for administrators can range from 30 minutes to 1.0 hour at the most. These sessions are directly designed to identify the existing areas of concern in the community, and/or the service to the agency’s clients, and/or the internal culture of the agency and its staff. To clarify that let me sum it up like this.

The agency wants one of three things:

  1. To address the community’s needs in a large and well advertised speaking project.
  2. Give its staff additional tools to address their client’s needs (professional development).
  3. Co-ordinate the internal culture of the agency, clarify disagreement amongst staff on how to address clients needs.

This session is meant to outline the measurable action steps an executive director can take to implement a “cultural and environmental enhancement” to the either the community or the office they are responsible for. An environmental enhancement can be accomplished with a few astonishingly simple measures that fit well with in existing agency policy.

This type of remarkable and positive change is relevant only to executive directors, as to have a community wide impact a considerable (but simple) marketing campaign must be put in place, and the full endorsement from the agency is required.

Template for Strategy Session

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Programming Co-ordinator session (click here)

A strategy session for program co-ordinators can last 15 minutes to 1 hour. These are quick because of the strong background in human psychology the counselors have. The session is meant to immediately determine the “culture” in the community and in the agency’s client’s needs. We then discuss whether the co-ordinator wants a targeted approach to a group of clients or would like to see a community wide approach. Should there be a desire for a community wide approach we can determine the most enrolling way to approach the executive director for their necessary support.

Template for strategy session

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Sponsor a speech and presentation (for your community and/or agency)

Why a speech and presentation:

To be perfectly clear a speech or live seminar is the only way to impact staff enough to give them the tools to impact the clients. The same goes for parents needing to impact their youth. Speaking to parents and staff as a whole is the only method to kick start a major change in attitude and motivation.

Not to sound negative but Tom does not believe one person can make a difference. Yet a whole herd of people all moving in one direction at one time can be difficult to stop. Therefore a speech and presentation is the “only way to go” when addressing an agency’s desires.

Tom’s presentations and inspiring speeches “break the ice” for executive directors when introducing some new changes to the staff, and they also “break the ice” to the clients when the staff begin to implement the new “environmental changes” in their agency. As for parents in the community, these presentations are a “cold glass of water in face” and a “wake up call” for how they can improve their parenting abilities.

A list of my presentations for family service agencies (click here)

How it gets paid for:

What Tom has done with many other agencies is work within their budget as much as possible. Tom respects that there is a need and the government has made resources scarce to fill that need. So when there is a short fall between the investment price and what the agency can responsibly spare, then Tom works with that agency to get additional funding.

Additional funding can be done through community grants which are numerous and only a good fit for large speaking projects. Tom has a grant writer he can contact to assist in filling one out. The majority of the time an interagency effort is the most convenient and relevant way to secure the remaining balance. Sometimes local businesses have been enrolled in exchange for great exposure to their business from a popular community event that had lots of advertising.

Having a parent seminar hosted by the school is what becomes a large speaking event, and historically has always made the local newspaper and radio stations. These are the events that produce the large amount of advertising that can be exchanged for sponsorship dollars.

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From: Jane Parker []
Sent: December 30, 2010 05:06
To: Tom Barthel
Subject: Re: Has your relationship with your child improved yet?

I will make a better effort to stick to 3 times a day. By the way I've also started doing this with my two younger daughters aged 11 and 9. The look of absolute love and joy on their faces when I respect, accept and love them has been so wonderful. They are talking to me more about difficult things in their little lives and I can feel a bond forming that wasn't there before. Some other little things too.

My son hasn't missed curfew in weeks and when he comes home, he comes into our room to say goodnight and get a kiss. He's almost 17!! He's also having friends and his girlfriend over and spending time with us...there have been so many changes that I'm motivated to stick to the plan. I'm also excited for my husband to hear your story in March in Lacombe. I'd like his life to be changed as well. Thank you Tom.

Jane Parker
Regina , Saskatchewan (parent from a FSS sponsored public seminar)
(parent from a FSS sponsored public seminar)