Getting Started

What's the best way to learn:

There are 3 ways to learn the information you want to know. I have listed them on this page in order of effectiveness . I have always believed that to truly learn something of this sort of magnitude you will eventually need some "one on one" time with the person that has mastered it. Self study can only take a person so far, we are not learning math or chemistry here, this is a very psychological and emotional subject matter that requires aptitude on both our parts to fully communicate with each other.

So I have put these in order of importance.
  1. Strategy Session: Time with me directly will always give you the most personal experience.
  2. Seminars: There are live seminars in person and on the internet so we can interact with each other that way, but there will be other people around.
  3. Take home program: Do this by yourself, at your own speed.

Choose one:

Strategy Sessions

Why a strategy session:

Strategy sessions are designed to meet parents exactly where “they” are at. They must be performed in private without a group setting so that the specific details that are unique to that family can be addressed. There are varying circumstances that can occur depending on the troubles of the youth. There are also unique strengths and weaknesses amongst parents and a lot of time can be saved by customizing what “that parent” needs to learn right now, given who they are, how they think, and what resources do they have immediately available to start moving their child on to a short and long term path to success.

  • Strategy sessions are easily accomplished by phone thus making location of the parents a non relevant concern. This allows for even more convenient scheduling as travel is not needed. All resources for this are electronic and can be transferred online.
  • This service is available to all of U.S.A and Canada, and internationally via skype.

New Client Sessions (click here to expand)

A strategy session for new clients usually ranges frowim 1.5-2.5 hours as some background knowledge needs to be discussed. The overall strategies from Tom’s complete education package get boiled down to what is most relevant to the parents given their immediate needs. This looks like a crash course in education. These sessions can be intense but very productive. The parent will leave with an action plan on paper (or word document), and the resources to carry that plan out. Most importantly, the parent will leave with clarity as to what is happening, why it happening, and what to expect from the future and what will be required of themselves.

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Existing Clients/Audience Members: (Click Here to Expand)

These sessions are strictly for people who have attended my seminars or my private counseling service before and are already familiar with my program. Like all strategy sessions they cut to the chase and meet that family exactly where they are at right now, focusing on what’s relevant to the strengths and weaknesses of both parents and the child, and the particular circumstances that they require help with at that moment. These sessions can be as short as an hour as the background knowledge has already been communicated. These sessions often involve the details of very specific action steps, and/or resources the parents can employ. These are resources both in my service and outside with my referral network of competent health, legal, and psychological professionals.

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Attend A Seminar

Why a Seminar:

A seminar brings the parent and Tom (the speaker) into a much more intimate environment. It is much easier to learn when people can connect face to face and read expressions. These seminars are designed to be quite emotional with strong impact as the audience forms a community amongst themselves. There are mostly women who attend these seminars and thus create a weekend long relationship amongst everyone. All men who attend are highly regarded as “motivated” parents and respected as a man who is a “notch” above fellow men too proud to learn about relationships and discuss their emotions.

These seminars are generally kept local to where I live in Alberta, Canada. Only when sponsorship is available do I travel across Canada and U.S.A.

The format for my Education:

Title: "A Parenting Plan That Works"

    Comes in 3 stages:
  1. The Power of Choice
  2. A Relationship That Inspires
  3. Boundaries

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“Myself and my four kids are all great. MY son is not totally out of the woods yet but he has come miles from where he was and I thank you again for your help. He is physically back to being very healthy and has not lost his love of staying very fit and keeping his love and God given talent for volleyball. It's like we have our loving brother and son back. Our relationship is almost back to where it used to be. Please continue to send me your newsletters and know that I would recommend your help to anyone who I know needs it.”

- Michelle Johnson, Roseburg Oregon, Accountant