Parents - What I do

What I do:

  • Teach parents how to “facilitate a recovery” in their struggling child (adult and young).
    • Recovery from drug use, troubled behaviour, mental illness.
  • I teach parents how to intervene with a “growing problem”  that is not yet out of control.  This is specific to drug use, troubled behaviour, and mental illness.
    • For the few parents who have the motivation to prevent even a growing problem, a thorough prevention program can be put in place when the children are very young.  Like very young.  4-12 years old a person can be conditioned to be resilient to troubles.
  • I give parents a clear “PLAN” for moving forward with their child.  A “PLAN” on paper that has steps to follow in sequence to remove all doubt as to what  to do next.
  • I teach parents how to increase the quality of their relationship with their chid, particularly moms.
  • I teach parents how to set boundaries and be successful with them.
  • Give parents a road map to the future of their experience so they can navigate themselves, and always know what to do next.
  • Show parents how to navigate the mental health and legal system so that efforts aren’t wasted and the system works for them.
  • Show parents what kind of help works, what doesn’t, and why- so that parents can reclaim their own lives.
  • Explain the importance of timing so that parents know when to take action, and when not to take action.
  • Bring experience from several different types of recoveries and belief systems to accommodate unique circumstances of each family.
  • Teach families how to structure their home and the house rules to restore law and order, educate the youth on what’s acceptable, and bring the youth closer to recovery.
  • Convey all information in street smart terminology.
  • Provide mentorship from an “experienced” point of view to troubled kids (adult and young) so they can manage their problems with experience.
  • Give referrals to competent practitioners and services in the mental health industry who are specialists in what they do.
  • Interpret and explain alternative and holistic solutions to dysfunctional behaviour, and addiction.


What I know about:

  • Drugs and alcohol and North American youth drug culture between 1990 -2012.
  • Mental Illness (specialize in bi-polar disorder, ADHD & ODD, schizophrenia, and behavioural disorders).
  • Suicide prevention.
  • Transitions to legitimate lifestyles.
  • Youth crime and drug dealing.
  • Non pharmaceutical intervention for mental illness.
  • Integrating medication with alternative strategies for mental illness.
  • Slow maturing in young people who are having difficulty growing up and leaving the home successfully or managing an independent adult life.
  • Self esteem.

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I was very pleased with the courses on the weekend and have begun some of the homework.  My first task was to share some personal experiences with my daughter and her response was incredible.  She began to open up to me and express some of her feelings.

I have many tasks yet to accomplish on my homework and will keep you informed.

I just wanted to let you know that I feel we are off to a great start and know there are challenging and painful growth in our future, but it will be well worth it.  Thank you again for great information.  I will wait to call you as I would like to get farther on my homework so I can take full advantage of the 30 free minutes of consultation that you are providing.


Melinda N.  Parent and Health care professional

Grand Rapids,  Michigan, U.S.A