My Philosophy

  • Nothing is as it seems on the surface. Tom looks at the underlying factors in a situation, the mechanisms going on behind the scenes. To understand those gives people power to make changes that work.
  • His philosophy is that there is “another way of looking at things”. He believes that problems have been around since the dawn of time, and people have been solving them for as long. This means that if someone is struggling with something it is not because there is no answer, it is because that person does not know the answer, or misunderstood the solution the first time. Miscommunication is at the heart of many problems.
  • Tom has a hard time with conventional knowledge, usually held by the “establishment” so to speak. His entire perception does not fit into the “mold” or the “textbook” very well. He has an “out of the box” opinion on everything. Tom doesn’t ignore science, but paints a picture that actually applies to real life situations people find themselves in.
  • Tom has found a common knowledge that both religions, philosophies, and science talk about, but put into very different terms. This makes it look like they are talking about very different things, but actually they are not.
  • Overall, communication is the key element to everything. Explaining the same thing in a different way, a way someone can actually relate to is what people need.
“I really enjoyed his presentation and it opened me up to a lot of options I didn’t even know existed”.
- Student
William Aberhart High School, Calgary, AB