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What I do:

For Staff:

·          I teach staff how to set a drug and alcohol policy that educates students to not want to get high and drunk and come to school.

·          I teach staff how to set boundaries and restore an environment of respect and effective authority in the school.

·          I give administrators an action plan for creating a cultural shift in the school.  A cultural shift that deters misbehaviour and greatly encourages the moderate to well behaved students to excel and create even more peer pressure on the other students to do better and desire more.

·          I give staff a simple formula for creating relationships with youth that feel like a million dollars (for the staff).

·          I provide a formula for discipline that involves the parents even if they are naive to holding their children responsible and be held responsible themselves.

·          I “break the ice” for staff by speaking to the students first with a brilliant and enticing presentation that students will admire and paving the way for staff to implement these changes right after.

·          I “break the ice” for administrators by speaking to their staff on a PD day and introducing the changes the administrators would like to implement.  The staff will find the new changes exciting and logical by the time I am done speaking.

For Students:

·        Breach through their natural defiance of advice from adults and convince them there is no problem that can’t be solved, never a need to bottle things up, and to reach out to staff for help and talk about their feelings and why that can be cool at the same time.

·        Motivate them to believe they can be financially, relationship wise, and social life wise very successful and how to do that.

·        Prove to them in their own language why drugs and alcohol are not nearly as attractive as they think they are, and another way of living would give them more of what they want.


What I know about:

  • Drugs and alcohol and North American youth drug culture between 1990 -2012.
  • Mental Illness (specialize in bi-polar disorder, ADHD & ODD, schizophrenia, and behavioural disorders).
  • Suicide prevention.
  • Youth crime and drug dealing.
  • Transitions to legitimate lifestyles.
  • Self esteem and how to understand it.
  • Performance enhancement of young people’s behaviour.
  • Basic success principles of entrepreneurship, personal finance, and personal relationships.
  • Reaching your dreams.


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Since Tom did a speaking project with our high school, the staff has made some changes and now my son has come home and told me about how much happier he is attending school.  Those are results speaking, not intentions.

Jancee Hawthorne

School Board Trustee

Lacombe, Alberta