Who are they for?

Tom services all of Canada and U.S.A with his presentations.
A presentation or motivational speech can be a good fit for just about any conference or audience. 
But………Tom is very focused on causing results that are meant to last a long time and have impact.
Therefore Tom does not focus very much on “one offs” where the audience feels good and then life carries on as usual 4 days later.
So Tom has found a collection of circumstances that his style of speaking and content are an extremely good fit for.Parents:

  • Public seminars organized for the sole purpose of Tom’s education.
    • Can be an evening seminar.
    • One day seminar which is a condensed version of education
    • Weekend long extended version of Tom’s curriculum.
    • Parent support groups of drug addicts and mentally ill family members.
    • Parents wanting to have a home seminar with 6-10 of their friends or other parents for a very personalized and intimate weekend seminar.

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·       High schools are #1 best fit.   For the drug and mental health education which is  Tom’s most popular presentation hands down.

·       Junior High Schools are #2

o   Mixing the high school age students and junior high students is not a good idea.

·       Larger the audience the better, these presentations are designed for entire student bodies.

·       Large youth conventions, sometimes convened as a leadership convention for youth, not so much focused on drugs and alcohol.

·       Small student gatherings of special needs or high achievement students is a good fit, but it is unlikely that such a small gathering will have the necessary budget to afford Tom’s moderate but sufficient fee.


·       School administrators who want to turn around an environment of poor discipline in their school.

o   Entire PD days will be needed for this.

·       Schools that are recently recovering from a suicide or other tragedy amongst their student body.

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Family Service Agencies:

·       Family service agencies that create and fund programming for parenting in their community.

·       First Nations health and wellness departments looking to address the needs of their community in a comprehensive manner.

o   As well reinforce the restoration of their traditional culture and how their culture can be used as a strategy for personal recovery.

·       Agencies looking to bring their staff together and have a greater and more immediate impact on their client’s (youth and adult) behavior.

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“Worth every minute of my time. I wish my husband could have been here too!”

- Angela Galanski
Red Deer
Social Service Worker.
Alberta Government