Speeches for Parents

Part 1- The Power of choice 

The power of choice is NOT something that people inherently understand and Tom does not want anybody to think that it means learning to make smart choices”.  The “Power of Choice” is about a type of self awareness that is absolutely critical in anyone improving their performance in life or in solving their psychological problems.

There are countless addicts relapsing after treatment and leaving families wondering if treatment had any effect at all.  The same goes for the revolving door of a mental health professional or institution.  The constant lack of success is defeating to both the troubled person and their families, or school staff.

Tom’s whole education is founded on 3 concepts working together at the same time to create an undeniable motivational force that affects other people’s behaviour.  The “power of choice” is the first of those 3 concepts.

Understanding the nature of this concept will position parents, school staff, and family services staff to clearly see “where a troubled person is at” and “where to start in helping them” and why they make “such foolish decisions” when we know they should be smarter than that.  It is a shorter seminar and is meant to lay the foundation for the rest of Tom's programming.  By itself, it is not capable turning around someone’s behaviour until part 2 and/or part 3 are implemented as well.  This information is sometimes used as an introduction for new comers to Tom’s education.

A half day or evening presentation.

If this feels like a good fit for your family

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Part 2-  A Relationship That Inspires

This presentation answers the question "What is the big picture of our parenting?"  What it is that we are actually trying to accomplish with our children.  Fixing them is not the answer, doing something to our children so that they fix themselves is!  This is absolutely done FIRST through the relationship with the child, adult or young.  This is a relationship seminar that provides action steps for causing certain emotions in your children that cause them to make effective choices.  

The end result is children get off drugs, recover from mental illness, correct their own behaviour, and avoid these problems in the first place.  The highest quantity of prevention tasks will occur during this presentation.

This presentation is a "must see first" education.  All other presentations are built on the model for parenting explained in this seminar.  The model is not based on conventional clinical knowledge but instead based on 1000 troubled teens and young adults in North American drug and pop culture between the years 1995 and 2011.

This program relies upon the concept of “Power of Choiceand these two can stand alone as a seminar with an education that gets results.

Often by itself this program is all that is needed to turn a young person around and start getting immediate changes in behaviour.

2 Day Weekend

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 Part 3- Boundaries

This seminar is by far the most popular.  It instructs parents how to have "Boundaries" around behaviour, their time, their money, the way their children talk to them, and rules of the household.  "Boundaries"are distinctly different than "punishments".  Boundaries teach and educate young people and punishments just push them away and cause them to resent the adults.  

This course is Part 3 because the information in Part 2 is critical in order for "boundaries" to work properly for the adult.  Not understanding the difference between a boundary and a punishment is the #1 mistake parents make and historically worsens their children's behaviour.

It is very critical to understand that "boundaries" manage a person's behaviour and they shape the thinking of a person to be more decisive and productive.  What is meant by that is troubled people think a certain way, they live in a world where decision making is difficult and their logic is self destructive and not rational.  This can be "undone" and the person's frame of mind can be changed to encourage recovery, responsibility, and respect.  All neccessary ingredients for success.

When parents use these strategies on troubled people they start to become "untroubled".  When parents use these strategies on very young children, they can prevent their children from becoming troubled in the first place.

This program is very intense and gives parents some serious power in their relationship with their children.  Combined with Part 1 and 2 of the education it gives parents %80 of what they need to know to get the results they are looking for.  

The remaining %20 can only come with time and experience that the parents gain in implementing these strategies with their children.  Some children might have unique circumstances or specific mental health conditions and that specific knowledge makes up the remaining %20.  This knowledge is easily obtained by utilizing Tom’s referrals to other competent mental health resources.

2 Day Weekend

If this feels like a good fit for your family

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 Implementation Program

This is a program not a seminar.  It is only available to the graduates of Part 1,2 and 3 of the education.  It is designed to handle the specifics of each family as parents realize that there are some uniqueness to their own children.  As well, when parents are faced with the daunting task of implementing boundaries in their household they often fear that a sudden change will cause their children to act "funny"and make it more difficult for parents to stick to their guns.  This program creates a design for parents to gradually implement these changes and make it easier on the parents, and also impossible for the children to complain about the new "changes" from the parents.

It comes with a weekly and monthly structure to spend time with Tom in person.  This program shares what many other parents have used in the past and participants can learn from each others questions and other family circumstances.  This creates a sense of community amongst parents and gives them other parents to share their experiences with.

This program is focused on residency agreements in the home and getting one that works for each family. Setting up "Boundaries" that are custom tailored to each home.  It also addresses the intense emotions that can occur between parenting partners when they are not on the same page as each other and do not want to fight about it.

It is in it's very definition, and implementation program.

6 month membership


If this kind of follow up is something that you would really like in helping you move forward, then please contact me.  Let us spend time together. Then I  can give you the initial education and follow up with you all the way to the finish line.


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