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Staff Professional Development


To learn more about the basic principles of this seminar follow this link as it will take you to the 3 concepts that Tom uses to teach parents and staff how to improve troubled young people’s behaviour.  Then return to this page to learn how this relates to your agency.

The summary of these concepts makes up the “The Ultimate Persuasion Tool” and is what is effective in moving troubled people’s lives forward.  What Tom does in this presentation is customize these three basic concepts to directly apply to what agency staff are experiencing in serving their clients.

Tom’s preferred method has been to deliver this in a one day seminar.  It comes with hand outs, and a quick reference summary for staff to access in times of need.  Most importantly it comes with an action plan for the executive director to lead the agency staff with, and serve the clients with.  This plan will be extremely simplified and will not be hard to follow.  In fact, with Tom’s simplification of all concepts involved- only “common sense” will be needed in following the plan.

It is important to know that Tom’s information does not contradict the professional training of the staff.  Tom’s information gives a “big picture format” for everyone’s professional training to fit into and that format will not violate any agency policies.

What has also worked very well, especially in First Nation communities, is to have parents attend the one day seminar for staff and remove the need to have a separate presentation for parents.

These  1-day long seminars have served very well as an inter-agency effort.  This makes it simpler to advertise and increase attendance as well as spread the investment across several different budgets making the program easily affordable.

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The “Parenting Program” For Your Community

The parenting program that I put on has been sponsored by Family Service Agencies before.  The goal was for the agency to provide the event to parents in their local community so parents have a “chance to manage their troubled children and prevent troubles in the first place”.

It is very important to understand how this happens.

1.     Tom’s education is 4 days long. THIS IS NOT THE PART BEING SPONSORED BY THE AGENCY

2.     There are two ways to deliver this education to parents.

a.     One Way: Tom and the agency host a very well marketed evening seminar in which Tom gives the initial education parents need to get started.

                                                       i.     This seminar has very good attendance and is sometimes made free to the public, allowing for maximum quantity of parents to attend.

                                                     ii.     The agency sponsors the investment and advertising of this seminar.  Sometimes with the help of other agencies.

                                                    iii.     At the end of the seminar Tom invites parents to attend a weekend course where he completes his delivery of the education.  This is sometimes a 2 weekend course.  This is a private arrangement between Tom and the participants and the agency sponsors none of these costs.

b.     The Second Way: Tom compresses the education into a One Day Seminar and this event gets heavily marketed.

                                                       i.     This strategy is most popular in small communities and a favorite amongst First Nation Communities.

                                                     ii.     It is clean, easy to organize, and gives parents a solid head start and comes with hand outs and an action plan.

                                                    iii.     The investment for this procedure is almost identical if not less than what it costs to put on the first method of education.


End Result:  The agency fully meets its mandate by delivering a functional education to parents that addresses the young people’s greatest needs.   An action plan and follow up for parents gets provided.

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Youth Presentation

Hosting a youth presentation is the simplest of all ventures.  Tom finds young people alarmingly easy to please and motivate. This might be his own experience but it doesn’t change the fact that he still finds it easy to talk to young people and he doesn’t require a pre-existing speaking topic to talk to them.

This means it is not necessary to have pre-made speeches that are listed here.  Tom can talk about any number of topics in any combination and have the presentation go over well.

It is up the desire of the agency what they would like Tom to talk to young people about.

This presentation can be for ages 9-24 and be about:

1.     Transitions to legitimate lifestyles.

2.     Drugs and alcohol

3.     Mental illness

4.     Employment and career counselling.

5.     Gangs and not being in one.

6.     Principles of success with:

a.     Relationships

b.     Money

c.     Achieving your dreams


If you would like to learn about Tom’s popular student speech for high schools and junior high schools please Click here

The funding for these presentations follows the same routine as with the other sponsored presentations.  Grant applications can be sought, interagency efforts can be organized.

It is important to note that Tom does not believe young people can be changed without changing the adults in their life as well.  Tom strongly encourages agencies to couple a youth presentation with a presentation to some of the adults in their lives (agency staff, parent, school staff).


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