Speeches and Presentations



“You are the light in a dark world and dangerous world for parents of troubled children. I think by now, you are the only real and unique way to help my children and his friends.”
Martha Cortes,Red Deer, AB
Translator, Community Support Worker

Headlining Presentations:

Part 1- 

The Power of choice

The entire strategy for turning around troubled people and motivating them to fix themselves is based on three components.  The “Power of Choice” is the first and most important.  This is a shorter program meant to introduce the parents and adults to a concept that most people and clinical professionals “grossly underestimate” and often don’t understand.  Everything I teach is built on the foundation of this subject and how misunderstanding it causes people to “never progress much” in treatment.

Part 2-  A Relationship that inspires

This presentation answers the question "What is the big picture of our parenting?" It provides a "Paradigm" for parenting that can guide parents through their whole experience.  This is the road map that gives parents the power to guide themselves and make it happen.  This is a relationship seminar that is designed to target young people where the problem starts, their emotions.  This is the second of the “3 components” to turning other people’s behaviour around.

Part 3-  Boundaries

This seminar is about "laying down the law"  so children listen and learn instead of hate you and do the opposite.  This is critical for managing a young person's behaviour and shaping their personality so  they learn respect, discipline, and the ability to take care of themselves and solve problems like a  mature adult.  It is by far the most popular of the three part series.  This is the third of the “3 components” to turning other people’s behaviour around.

Implementation Program 

This is a membership program gradually easing parents into implementing the strategies and ensuring their success.  Many questions come up for parents when they approach their family and learn of unique circumstances and the individual needs of their children.  Major changes in attitude and direction of the young  person's life will happen in the first 6 months after Tom's seminars, and individual coaching is often required

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