Speeches and Presentations


Family Services

Staff Professional Development

This presentation has been the primary focus of agencies in Tom’s speaking service.  Typically agency staff who serve the needs of troubled youth (adults too) are looking for some conclusive advice on how to address their clients.  There are too many opinions out there on how to address troubled people.  Opinions vary from “tough love” to “coddling” to “clinical counselling” and Tom puts a stop to them all.

Tom goes straight for a strategy that uses all existing opinions, but ties them into something that “works”.  An evidence based approach, plain and simple. 

This is a one day seminar for all the staff to participate in and typically becomes an inter-agency effort with other agencies participating and supporting the investment.

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The “Parenting Program” For Your Community

This is the exact same program that I offer parents when I host public seminars.  There is no need for me to repeat what this program is about.  Click here  to learn about that program at another part of my website.

However, when agencies want to sponsor this education for their community they do not sponsor the entire 4 day education I offer.  Instead the sponsorship covers an “introductory evening” called “Protect Your Kid From Troubles”.

This introductory evening serves as a way to round up as many parents in the community as possible, and then get them started on a new path.  There are two ways to do this.

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Youth Presentation

Speaking to the youth is always important.  Some agencies are capable of sponsoring Tom’s youth presentations in the local schools.  Some other agencies have had Tom come in and do a customized presentation to their youth clients.

It is quite clear that youth do not sit through a full day seminar, so 80 minute keynote presentations or half day seminars are most functional.

There are a variety of topics Tom can cover, click the link below to learn more or click here to learn about Tom’s youth presentations in schools.

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