Speeches and Presentations



Professional Development For High Schools

In this presentation Tom says the things that need to be said, but no one feels like saying.  Tom shares what everyone has suspected about our children in these modern times.  He shares that the "kids are not alright", there is something missing here. 

Tom outlines for school staff that our teen's behaviour can be improved. Poor attendance, drug and alcohol issues, and a lessening respect for adults does not have to be tolerated and school staff can do something about it, and they can involve the parents in the solution, whether the parents like it or not.

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“Choices” for Students

This was the first presentation Tom ever gave to students and it hasn’t changed much since.  Its overwhelming popularity with students has given Tom reason to base the school staff education entirely on following up with the “two principles” this speech gives students.  It is an absolute guarantee when Tom gives this speech the students will listen and look at him the whole time, then there will be laughter, then deep thought on their little faces, and then an enthusiastic applause.

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