I teach schools how to help their struggling students and prevent students from developing struggles. The struggles I help with are:

  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Suicide and mental health concerns
  • Attendance, truancy, late for class, and lack of respect for school rules and authority
  • Relationships with adults that encourage students to reach out and ask for help (careers, family problems, self esteem issues, and personal ambitions)
  • Motivation to succeed, embrace financial responsibility, and pursue a dream.

I have separate programming for students and then for the staff. The programs I have and strategies I use are for the improvement of the staff in conjunction with the students. This is based on adults making a change in themselves, and their students having a reaction to that change in behaviour thus causing the student to begin changing their own behaviour.

I have adjusted parts of these programs for prevention sake. Very bluntly this means that if school staff take action now they will have fewer problems later. I also teach that staff have the bigger problem than the student. Historically this has been confusing for many school staff in my audiences before they receive my education, so I will politely make this clear:

1. The average addiction begins 2-3 years before the person ever consumes the drug. Click to expand
a. If you have found your students using drugs then you are at least 2 years late from early intervention.
2. Mental illness can begin upwards of 5-10 years before there is an apparent problem. Click to expand
  • If you have decided that your students could have a visible mental illness you are at least 5 years too late for early intervention.
  • Young people with mental health challenges will have problems with substance abuse later.
    3. Troubled behaviour stems from a collection of psychological distresses that are not always prominent and obvious, but the studentís ability to function is still greatly hampered. Click to expand
    • Calling this a phase of normal teenage life is not a wise idea. If it was normal behaviour, your instincts wouldnít have you looking at my website.
    • Waiting until your student are coming to school intoxicated or at the brink of expulsion means much of the damage has already been done. Not a good idea to wait and see what happens.
    4. School staff are the one with the problem. Click to expand
    1. a. School staff are not suppose raise children, but are supposed to educate them on academics and functioning effectively in the world around them and prepare them for adult hood.
    2. School staff need to do the best they can to educate students and role model healthy adult behavior.
      1. If they donít the guilt can be tremendous and we all hold ourselves responsible at some time in life for the job we did.
      2. Nothing feels worse than a tragedy with a student and staff wondering if they could have prevented it.
    3. Troubled students have caused Lawsuits and devastation to school moral and public image in some schools.
    4. School staff have the maturity and self awareness to make conscious changes in themselves. Children have greater difficulty with this because they are young, immature, and inexperienced. The staff are the ones that need to make changes because they are most adept to it.
    5. The financial costs to troubled youth can be outstanding, far more expensive than getting help now.
    6. Children are highly responsive to behaviours and communication from adults. Therefore the adults need the change in their own behaviour as a priority over an immediate change in the youthís behaviour.
    7. Some of my friends are dead, the parents and schools didnít understand what early intervention meant, and they didnít ask enough questions. You donít want to know the look on their face at that young personís funeral.
    5. Parents hold the biggest impact on a studentís well being. It is necessary for the school to involve parents in the process. Only the school staff have the power to wake some parents up. Click to expand
    a. This power can be simple to enforce, but the staff have to make the choice to do it.


    Trust me I know. I started off my youth as a straight A student in boy scouts. Then through my own experience as a drug dealer, drug user, and mentally ill person Iíve encountered over a thousand people with every problem out there. Amongst the people who have suffered greatly and still are, I have found some consistencies about what the school staff and parents were doing. For the people I know who have made it through and are doing well, I have found their school staff and parents had consistencies as well. My own school teachers and parents are the reason I saved my own life.

    I am very good at explaining these consistencies. Explaining how they work, why they work, and how schools can employ them. I speak in street smart terms. I teach solutions that people can relate to.

    I am not fond of clinical theories and hypothesis that take years to prove and never produce logical action steps for schools to enact. The vast majority of my clients have become disappointed with the governmentís status quo approach to these issues, and the medical establishmentís inability to give answers that a school can physically act on.

    I am extremely well read, and very familiar with the latest in scientific discoveries, but I am adamant that real life problems need real life action steps that bring real life relief to schools and students, and this needs to happen in real time and it needs to be based on real experience.

    My Experience:

    I grew up with over a 1000 troubled young people, selling drugs to them, using drugs with them, and eventually becoming mentally ill with many of my peers.

    Now I lead a successful life and have conquered my problems with both alternative and clinical strategies. I teach these strategies to schools and parents and it provides clarity and relief.

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    What I Offer:

    How I Do It:

    Personal Guarantee:

    You will never hear anyone talk like I do, and make troubled youth make more sense to you than I can.

    You will receive an action plan to follow that is extremely logical, and makes clear what you are supposed to do next.

    The students will love me, and hang off my every word.

    "Captivated our entire school body with his tasteful but uncensored, truthful experiences of suicide, drug abuse and recoveryÖ..by the way Tom- I choose too!"
    - Diane Foster
    Librarian,Central Alberta High School, (privacy of school requested)